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Top 10 Bodyweight Workout at Home

Top 10 Bodyweight Workout at Home

Nothing can be like a portable workout that helps to build up your muscles strong and the desired body shape at home. With more bodyweight workout at home, it can be more challenging for you. By this, you can save time spent in the gym and carry out the same at home.

10 best bodyweight workout at home


Placing your feet wide in hip-distance, keep your back, chest, and shoulder flat. Holding in this position, try to push your hips and sit down in half seating posture. Try to go down until things come in parallel to the ground. From this position, come upon heels pressing your hips and returning to the initial standing position. Continue this exercise for 10 to 15 times as body permits.

Reverse Lunges

Top 10 bodyweight workout at home

As the name suggests, place your feet in parallel to shoulder-width. Put left foot backward, balancing with the ball of your foot and then trying to bend knees. In this bodyweight workout at home, create a 90-degree angle posture, and then coming back to the initial point. Try this with the other leg as well. Repeat on both sides for 10 to 15 times or more as body permits.

Similar to this, you can also try side lunges at home. In this, you have to place your feet sideways and then bring it back to the initial position. Try it on both your legs alternately.

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Hand Walks

Top 10 bodyweight workout at home

Put your hands on the floor and legs straight at the back, walk with hands. Now, keeping the legs straight, walk on your feet back in short steps repeating 10 reps or like. In this, the full body is involved that helps to strengthen hamstrings and makes shoulders stable. This bodyweight workout at home also works on ankles and lower back as you walk with hand.

Lateral leg raises

Top 10 bodyweight workout at home

Lie down on one side with extended legs. Lift the tip of your feet forming a 45-degree angle and then bringing it down. Keeping your toe flexible, do 5 lifts on the same side, 5 by pointing toes and another 5 by pointing toes towards the ceiling. Again, repeat this by lying on the other side.


Top 10 bodyweight workout at home

Start from a high plant position with hands placed below shoulders and hold your body in a straight-line position from toes to head. Now, bend elbows at a 45-degree angle from ribs, you have to lower your torso till chest touches the ground. Exhale properly and then return to the high plant position with the support of your arms.

Glute Bridge

Top 10 bodyweight workout at home

For this, lie down on the ground with bent knees and place your feet flat on the ground. With the support of arms on your side, press heels and raise your hips. Hold in this position for a few seconds, making a straight line between shoulders, knees and squeeze your glutes at the same time. Now, come back to the lower position and repeat this for 10 to 15 repeats or as your instructor suggests.

Marching Glute Bridge

Top 10 bodyweight workout at home

With faceup, lie down on a mat, bending your knees rest your feet flat on the floor. Holding in this position, try to lift your hips from the mat. Now, keeping the right knee in the current position, lift your left knee holding your hips in a stable position. Try to hold for five seconds after which lower right foot on the ground and try this bodyweight workout at home on the other side. Other than this, you can also try the single hand Glute Bridge if you are able to do the above-said ones.

Crab walk

Top 10 bodyweight workout at home

Start in a sitting posture on the ground, place your feet straight, and hands-on the ground. With the help of hands and feet, try to lift your body just a few inches from the ground. Holding in this position, walk backward with the support of your feet and arms and continue in this position for 10 to 15 times. If this bodyweight workout at home discomforts you, turn fingers away from you.

Bird Dog exercise

Top 10 bodyweight workout at home

Bent down on your knees with the support of your hand on the floor and try to make a straight line with your head, shoulder, and spine. Now, straight by extending the right arm in front of you and at the same time lifting your left foot backward. Continue this on the other side as well. Engage your core muscles for balance and pause for some time you are done with one side and moving on to the next one. Repeat this motion with alternative legs and arms to get a good stretch on your back muscles at home.

Spider-Man Mountain Climbers

Top 10 bodyweight workout at home

Start this exercise from a high plank position. Take your right knee out and push up frontwards reaching your biceps. In this, watch your knee meeting your arms. Repeat this on the other side well. While changing sides, try to maintain a steady plank position to get the support by your hands and place torso in a proper position.

Therefore, when performing the exercises for the first time at home, make sure that you do them correctly. This shall help you get the desired result from the exercises at home. So, after you go through the exercises mentioned above, you can have a good idea of how to start a bodyweight workout without visiting the gym or spending on any expensive equipment that is found at the gym. These are freehand exercises that you can start with little knowledge about it. If you are feeling any discomfort after starting this at home, it is better to rest for someday and then start. Do the repetition based on what your body permits. Do not overdo the exercise. Make a time frame to perform the exercises daily and get suitable results.

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