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Best Crossfit Diet to Lose Weight

Best Crossfit Diet to Lose Weight

Best Crossfit Diet to Lose Weight

Many people get into Crossfit not knowing the best Crossfit diet to lose weight, how to; gain muscle, increase strength, stay lean, and increase their cardiovascular endurance. While Crossfit can certainly help you in transforming your body by losing weight, you can stimulate it by strictly following a Crossfit weight loss diet plan, which will keep your body lean and allow you to shed your extra fat.

CrossFit Weight Loss diet plans:

Creating a negative energy balance is the key to have any chance of losing your excess weight. The strenuous Crossfit workouts you perform daily won’t be of any use if you don’t keep track of your calorie count. Your aim should be to take fewer calories than you burn, or, in other words, burn more calories than you eat, creating a calorie deficit. To lose one pound of fat in a week, you will have to maintain a 500-calorie deficit per day.

Some Crossfits recommend the Zone Crossfit diet plan while others endorse the Paleo diet plan.

best crossfit diet to lose weight

What is The Zone CrossFit diet:

Developed in the 1970s by a biochemist Barry Sears, The Zone diet plan aims to reduce diet-induced inflammation by targeting hormonal balance, resulting in losing excess body fat and optimal functioning of the body. The plan, known as 40-30-30 diet, prescribes a macronutrient split of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. This is considered one of if not the best crossfit diet to loose weight.

40% Carbohydrates:

For Carbohydrates, consume low glycemic-load fruit and vegetables having a glycemic index of 55 or below, like Cherries, Grapefruit, Dried apricots, Pears, Apples. This reduces hunger and alleviates the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity.

30% Proteins:

For protein, you should eat lean and natural meats like skinless chicken, turkey, or fish. Since proteins are absorbed more slowly, therefore, they repress hunger hormones (ghrelin) more, while raising satiety hormones (leptin), making it easier to eat fewer calories without measuring calorie count of your food. Protein, the main building block of muscles, enzymes, organs, etc, not only helps you in weight loss but also gives you the energy to perform intense workouts. While the DRI (Dietary reference intake) recommends 0.8 grams of protein per Kg of body weight, Athletes and CrossFitters should target 2.2 to 3.4 grams of protein per Kilogram to keep up with their strenuous CrossFit routine.

30% Fats:

  • For Fat, take only small amounts of canola, olive oil, almonds, peanuts, cashews, or avocados.

Following The Zone Diet Plan:

The macronutrients, carbohydrate, protein, and fat are divided into blocks to accurately measure their intake in each meal.

1 block of carbohydrate = 9 gms carbohydrates

1 block of protein = 7 gms protein

1 block of fat = 1.5 gms fat

You can download an online chart containing food quantities that constitute each block of carbohydrate, protein, and fat.

For example, an ounce of chicken breast constitutes one block of protein. Similarly, 1/3 cup of oatmeal makes up one block of carbohydrate, and approximately 1/3 tablespoon of canola oil forms one block of fat.

What is the best Crossfit diet to lose weight macronutrient recommendations?

The online chart that you downloaded contains block consumption requirements for males and females and different body types separately. For example, a large male should consume 19 daily blocks of each macronutrient- 5 blocks each for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with with2 blocks of snacks, one after lunch and one after dinner. To have a 5-block breakfast, you need to choose 5 blocks each from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Again, open the chart you downloaded earlier and lookup for food quantities that constitute each block of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Repeat the same process for lunch, dinner, and snacks to complete your diet.

Sample Menu:

Let’s prepare a sample menu for a small male, using our downloaded chart:

Breakfast (4 blocks of each macronutrient):

4 Protein blocks: 4 large whole eggs (cooked)

4 Carb blocks: 2 raw apples

4 Fat blocks: 12 almonds

Lunch (4 blocks of each macronutrient):

4 Protein blocks: 4 oz beef (cooked)

4 Carb blocks: cabbage 1 1/3 cup ,cauliflower 1 1/4 cup ,chickpeas 1/4 cup ,collard greens 1 1/4 cup

4 Fat blocks: cream cheese 4 teaspoons

Afternoon Snack (2 blocks of each macronutrient):

2 Protein blocks: 2 oz ham (cooked)

2 Carb blocks: artichoke 2 small

2 Fat blocks: mayo, light 2 teaspoons

Dinner (4 blocks of each macronutrient):

4 Protein blocks: canned tuna 4 oz

4 Carb blocks: 2 cups radishes, 4 cups spinach, 1 cup tomato, ½ apple

4 Fat blocks: 12 Cashews

Evening Snack (2 blocks of each macronutrient):

2 Protein blocks: 2 hard-boiled egg

2 Carb blocks: 1 orange

2 Fat blocks: Sprinkled w/ peanuts

Following the best crossfit diet to lose weight along with doing Crossfit exercises can be an excellent combination that will only help you in shedding excess weight, but will also help in improving your overall health. Although the guide contains a wealth of information that you can easily adopt, for a customized weight loss plan, you should consult your dietician or CrossFit trainer, keeping in view your body weight, metabolism, physical endurance, among other factors.



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